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Classes & Workshops

Gate House Fiber Arts Studio Private Lessons and Workshops Fall / Winter 2017-2018

2400 Faussett RD Howell MI 48855 - 810-923-1136

Tucked away at the back of our farm amid trees, birds and pastures you will find Gate House Fiber Arts Studio. We offer calm serenity for a true get away where you can focus on a new skill or explore an old one in more depth. Lessons/ Workshops can be arranged on your schedule to allow you the time to immerse yourself in your study. Need a break, take a walk out on 10 acres of paths thru the woods, and just breathe in nature. Our studio is stocked with all your fiber and weaving needs. Look at the variety of available classes and chose your direction. Having trouble with your spinning or weaving or need direction for a specific project give us a call..

Please keep an eye on the blog for last minute updates and new products.All private lessons are $25 per hour, plus materials and Saturday workshops are $85 plus materials. We have several lesson packages available, be sure to ask. Individual classes are available week days Monday through Friday and some Saturdays. All major workshops are scheduled for weekends throughout the year. Call or contact us with your questions through the website contact button. Please be sure to leave your email address so we can put you on the newsletter list.

We will participate in Spinzilla 2017 under the name of Gate House Fiber Arts Spinners.


Beginning Rigid Heddle Loom Weaving Saturday/Sunday

Use our looms to enter the world of weaving on a simple loom that has endless possibilities. You will learn to warp and weave a project that you will complete and take with you during this weekend workshop. Looms are available for a discount if you are signed up for the class. $ 85 plus materials

4 Harness Weaving Fri-Sun

A chance to use one of our four harness looms to try your hand at floor loom weaving. Projects selected for your weaving skill level. (You also have input as we plan your class We have a few looms you can use for the weekend, please let me know in advance it you will need a floor loom. $275 plus materials includes loom use.

Introduction Tapestry Weaving Saturday

$85 plus materials.
Warp a frame loom, learn basic tapestry weaving techniques and color joins, advanced students will design their project and use advanced methods. Students should finish a project and learn basic finishing techniques. Looms available for purchase at a discount if you are signed up for the class

Inkle Loom Weaving: Saturday

Make narrow belts, ribbons and straps etc, too many applications to list. A small portable loom with 100’s of pattern possibilities. The Focus will be “How to Use Read and apply Pattern drafts. We have extra Inkle looms for you to use in the class. $85 plus materials includes loom use.

Triangle Loom Weaving: Saturday

Explore the possibilities when weaving on pin looms. The class is structured for beginner-advanced. Create bookmarks, spinning oil bags, patchwork totes to wearable art. The sky is the limit. Learn how to integrate various size weavings for added interest. Pin Looms are available if you need one. $85 plus materials includes use of one of our school tri- looms.


Beginning Spinning: Saturdays and Weekdays

Learn the basics of spinning yarn on a drop spindle, and then on the wheel. This 6 hour class will teach you the basics of making yarn.

Fiber Preparation and Blending: Saturday

An exploration of the many types of fibers and their preparation from raw material to finished roving or batt. Learn how to make gradation blends for a unique color pallete in the finished project .

Twist and Ply with Confidence: Saturday

Learn to evaluate the how much twist is needed for the desired yarn you have in mind, realizing the plying process is an equal partner in the finished yarn.

Art Yarn: Anything goes: Saturday

A time to break the rules, mix it up and have some fun. Bring some of your “stash” to mix with our supplies. We will use our large drum carder, blending boards to play with the possibilities.

Introduction to Flax: Saturday

This is definitely one of my favorite fibers and you can use it alone blend it with wool to get historic flax and wool combination. We will explore Flax tow, water rhetted flax and line flax (the finest)